Information and resources for book reviewers

If you’re a book reviewer, fill in this Google form to add yourself to our reviewer database – when presses are organising blog tours and sending out review copies they will be in touch with any books they think are relevant. In the mean time, do sign up to our newsletters to hear more about forthcoming events and publications.

Key titles 2024

In March 2024 we put out a joint catalogue of our 2024 key titles – you can find an e-version here.

And in April Marina at Corylus Books ran a Spring Showcase Series, and our presses presented their key titles of the season. There were three events, divided into Literary Fiction, Genre Fiction and Poetry and Non-Fiction. Did you miss them? You can watch the evenings on YouTube below, and the presentations are linked. Click through from the list of presses for contact details.

Literary fiction

Featuring Afsana Press, Bluemoose Books, Dead Ink Books, Héloïse Press, Indie Novella, Istros Books, Jantar Publishing, Renard Press, Scratch Books and Skein Press.

Literary fiction slides

Genre fiction

Featuring Arachne Press, Corylus Books, Hobeck Books, Jantar Publishing, Sans. PRESS and Wild Hunt Books.

Genre fiction slides

Poetry and non-fiction

Featuring Afsana Press, Arachne Press, Goat Star Books, Mercier Press, Ortac Press, Pamenar Press and Renard Press.

Poetry and non-fiction slides