What is the Indie Press Network?

The Indie Press Network is an open network that seeks to help connect independent publishers with each other, with booksellers and with readers.

The independent publishing scene is incredibly important for many reasons, not least for raising the voices of those who have traditionally been neglected. This network was established to harness our collective power, to raise our voices together.

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How do I use the Indie Press Network?

Budding Presses and Publishing Hopefuls

The network has been designed to be a completely open-access resource for those looking to get into publishing and for those looking to set up a press, and advice has been collated to form the Indie Press Network Guide. If this is you, access is completely free, and we hope the information will be of some help to you in starting your press or career. The indie scene is an important, vibrant place – and the more the merrier.

Small Indie Presses

If you’re a small indie press, we encourage you to join us! Profits are split and there are many other brilliant perks.
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The Network provides up-to-date listings of members’ titles, so see the Booksellers page for forthcoming books that otherwise might go under the radar. You can also sign up to our Bookseller newsletter (below) for a monthly email about each month’s latest indie titles, for indie news and more.

Events/Festival Programmers

The members of the Network have listed their authors who are available for events – see the Events and Festival Programmers page. You can also sign up to our Events folk newsletter (below) to be kept up to date on new authors, indie news and more.


If you’re an avid reader and love independently published books, you’re in the right place! Check out our Readers page for the latest indie titles! You can also sign up to our newsletter (below – ‘avid reader’) for a monthly newsletter about the latest indie titles, news and more.

The Indie Press Network Guide
An introduction to all aspects of the publishing world