Budding Presses

Thrilled to have you here!

Welcome to the Indie Press Network, your new best friend. The Network was founded on the basis that, while independent presses are by necessity run by small teams, no press is an island, and it’s our firm belief that working together is of vital importance for diversifying and enriching the industry.

So hop aboard! When you’re ready to launch your press, please do get in touch so you’re on our radar, and please do consider joining – it’s an inexpensive platform that aims to build us all up.

In the mean time we’ve devised the a completely open-access resource for those looking to get into publishing and for those looking to set up a press, and advice has been collated to form the Indie Press Network Guide. Access to the Guide is completely free, and we hope the information will be of some help to you in starting your press or career.

The Indie Press Network Guide →