Indie Press Network Directories

Welcome to the Indie Press Network Directories! These pages are a one-stop shop for tracking down useful companies and organisations. You can find everything listed below, or use the following menu to head to specific pages.

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One of the main trade morning briefings – offers free headlines and occasional articles; paywall for others. Great reputation for sharing indie publishers’ news.

An independent careers service that provides careers advice and guidance to anyone seeking a career in book publishing and support for those already working in the industry.


A membership organisation for those in the industry; also runs courses for CPD.

Books Council of Wales/Cyngor Llyfrau Cymru

A membership organisation representing Welsh publishers.

Booksellers Association

A membership organisation representing bookshops across the UK and Ireland. Works with publishers (via the Publishers Association) to help support booksellers.

Booksellers’ Association Bookshop Search

A tool listing independent bookshop members of the Booksellers’ Association.

Contemporary Small Press

A listing site of small presses.

Independent Bookshops (Big Bearded Bookseller)

A list that aims to record the details of every bookshop in the UK and Ireland – now with added other territories.

Independent Publishers Guild (IPG)

Perhaps the indie press’ first stop, the IPG is a membership organisation that runs awards, connects publishers and offers free access to the Croner helpline for business support.

Pride in Publishing

The first cross-industry society for LGBTQAI+ people working in the industry.

Publishers Association

A membership organisation for publishers. Works with publishers to represent the trade’s interests.

Publishers’ Marketplace

A platform for rights. Sends out a limited daily rights summary; publishers can report deals for free.

Publishing Scotland

A membership organisation representing Scottish publishers.

Society of Authors

The authors’ union – works with publishers to promote transparency and fairness in contracts.

The Book Trade Charity

Formed in 1837, the Book Trade Charity exists to support those working in the publishing industry, and can help with grants and CPD.

The Bookseller

The best-known publishing magazine. Has a morning briefing email that features breaking news along with a small number of rights deals. New indie publishers should consider submitting titles to the Bookseller Previews; chosen titles appear at the back of issues of the magazine. The magazine also produces Buyers’ Guides several times a year and publishers can submit titles for free.

The Galley Club

The Galley Club is a social club for all involved in the production and publishing process to promote all aspects of the trade.

The Indie List

A curated list of independent publishers, with publisher profiles.

The Publishing Profile

A curated list of interviews with publishing professionals.

The Society of Young Publishers

A society for those looking to enter the industry or those in junior roles.

The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain

A union for writers – representing not just book authors but also writers in other industries.