The Indie Press Network Guide
An introduction to all aspects of the publishing world

The articles presented in this guide aim to provide an introduction to the publishing world for presses that are just starting out (or thinking about it), and as a handy reference tool for those who are already well under way.

All material has been collated and produced by our members, and should be considered as advice rather than rules. Should you have any feedback please contact us.


An introduction to contracts for publishers – what to think about, where to look for resources


A brief introduction to copyright, rights and permissions – identifying and clearing permissions


All you need to know about distribution – what is it, do you need it, how much does it cost – and a few links

EU Exports

An article on exporting books to EU states after Brexit – and options for improving deliverability


What are ISBNs? What are they used for? Do I need them? How do I get them and what do they cost?

Legal Deposit

A full run-down on the Legal Deposit system – how many copies you need to send, and to where.

Look Inside

An introduction to the concept of Look Inside for books, the various providers available and the cost implications.


How much should you pay? When should you pay? Your questions answered.

Sensitivity Reading

You’ve probably heard of it, but what exactly is it? We hear from an expert.


Listings of important trade associations and memberships, societies and clubs, press and charities. View →


An introductory glossary to demystify publishing jargon. View →

Have we missed anything?

This is very much an evolving guide, and we will be slowly growing it and adding topics and insights from our members. Is there anything you think we ought to add to the Guide? Or perhaps you have some wisdom to add? Drop us a line!