14th November 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Indie Press Network, an open network that seeks to help connect independent publishers with each other, with booksellers and with readers.

The Network seeks to unite presses across the UK, and to build on the brilliant work being done by other membership organisations to decolonialise publishing and to raise the profile of smaller presses who don’t have big marketing budgets.

The aim of the Network is not only to harness the collective power of established presses to help them achieve their goals, but also to encourage and nurture fledgling publishers.

Through its free, open-access Indie Press Network Guide, the Network aims to offer an introduction to the industry and the answers to common start-up questions. The collective expertise of the member presses is available for would-be publishers to read through, and we hope this will help enrich the industry in the long term.

The Indie Press Network was founded by Will Dady of Renard Press, and launches on Monday the 14th of November 2023 with an inaugural cohort of ten member presses. Members are: Dead Ink (Liverpool), Eglantyne Books (London), époque press (Brighton), Fly on the Wall Press (Manchester), Guppy Books (Oxford), Héloïse Press (Canterbury), Istros Books (London), Ortac Press (London), Prototype (London) and Renard Press (London).

Prospective members are welcome to get in touch via the website, and all that match the criteria are welcome.