époque press

époque press was established in 2018 and is an independent publisher based in Brighton, with connections to Dublin and New York. The press was established to promote and represent the very best in new literary talent.

Like all good ideas, époque press was birthed in a local Brighton Coffee Shop / Pub, with the initial concept quickly scribbled down on a till receipt. The press is run by two life-long friends, Sean Campbell (MD and Editor in Chief) and Adam Bentley (Creative Director), both of whom have a lifelong passion for the arts and literature.

Everything we do, apart from physically printing the books, we do ourselves. This involves our own website design, cover design and typesetting, and we focus on delivering the highest quality in everything we do. We pride ourselves on developing great relationships with our authors and we pay royalties that are fair and representative of the work involved in writing and publishing a book.

Through a combination of our main publishing imprint and our online é-zine we aim to bring inspirational and thought-provoking work to a wider audience.

Our main imprint is seeking out new voices, authors who are producing high-quality literary fiction and our commitment is to fully consider all submissions on literary merit alone.

Our é-zine showcases a combination of the written word, and other art forms, bringing together artists working in different mediums to encourage and inspire new perspectives on specific themes.

Publisher address:

57 Ewart Street
Brighton, BN2 9UP

Email: info@epqouepress.com
Website: http://www.epoquepress.com
UK Sales: époque http://www.epoquepress.com
UK Distribution: Gardners http://www.gardners.com
Click here for sales and distribution outside the UK