What Willow Says

Lynn Buckle

époque press



ISBN: 9781838059286


Publication date: 1 May 2021

Rights: World



Winner of The Barbellion Prize

Sharing stories of myths, legends and ancient bogs, a deaf child and her grandmother experiment with the lyrical beauty of sign language.

Learning to communicate through their shared love of trees they find solace in the shapes and susurrations of leaves in the wind. A poignant tale of family bonding and the quiet acceptance of change.

Lynn Buckle

Lynn was born in the UK and after much travel has spent the last thirty years in Ireland. She is a successful Kildare based artist, tutor and writer. She spent years stealing feelings and painting them onto canvas, but her stories needed words and she changed to writing verse. UNESCO City of Literature Virtual Writer in Residence, National Centre for Writing 2021.