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In 2021, Eglantyne Books took a brave step in entering the market with an eclectic mix of historical titles, poetry and novels in translation. We have a special interest in rescuing forgotten gems like Ernst Johannsen’s brutal yet tender portrayal of life in the trenches for animals and humans ‘Memories of a War Horse’ and 1920s sensational best-seller, ‘Red-Headed Woman’ by Katherine Brush, along with releasing important historical works never before published in English, like the shocking expose of the inner workings of the Nazi SD unit written by a former deputy of Heinrich Himmler who was murdered in the late 1940s (‘Drunk on Power’ by Heinrich Pfeifer). Our list is divided into the following categories: Eglantyne Modern Literature; Eglantyne Masterpieces of World Literature; Secret History; Early Modern and Modern History; Original Reprints of English Civil War Pamphlets; Egyptology; Classical Studies; Short Story Anthologies and Poetry in Translation.

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