Who Killed the King? The Act of Regicide

Robert Temple

Eglantyne Books



ISBN: 9781913378110


Publication date: 15 April 2023



Gives proof that Oliver Cromwell was not a major player in the trial and execution of Charles I but was on the margins and not in control of any aspect of the process. The men in control are identified for the first time.

Robert Temple

Robert Temple is known for his work in the history of science. As a colleague of Joseph Needham, he was author of The Genius of China, which summarizes 3000 years of scientific discoveries and technological inventions by the Chinese. It has recently been published in its sixth Chinese translation, was sponsored by UNESCO for international circulation, and has appeared in 43 languages. His most recent book on scientific subjects is A New Science of Heaven (Hodder & Stoughton, 2022), in which he traces the history of plasma physics from its first prediction by Aristotle to the discovery of plasma by Sir William Crookes and up to the present discoveries in astrophysics. His activities in 17th century English history have included several entries for the Dictionary of National Biography and other biographical dictionary entries, in addition to his discovery of the original officer list of the New Model Army written in the hand of Lord Fairfax himself. Professor Temple is Chairman of The Ancient Egypt Foundation, which has been subsidising the seven year project for the cleaning and restoration of the astronomical ceiling of the Temple of Khnum at Esna, south of Luxor on the Nile.