Adolescent Summers

Cameron James

SRL Publishing



ISBN: 9781915073396


Publication date: 23 July 2024

Rights: World



Adolescent Summers has been lighting up TV screens for a decade – ten years of Oz living in a fantasy world lightyears from reality. But when production shut down during the global pandemic, Oz found himself with more free time than ever, offering a chance to piece together parts of himself he’d lost.

When Oz returns to the set after lockdown, he’s in the midst of his own transformation. He doesn’t realise he’s walking straight into a minefield of drama, one that feels all too familiar, where old wounds are ripped open and feelings are hurt.

And that’s just the beginning.

Content Warnings: Swearing, alcohol, sex, transphobia, car accident

Cameron James

Cameron James (they/them) is a contemporary New Adult LGBTQ+ and Supernatural author from Liverpool. Cameron writes stories from a wide variety of narratives but mostly favours writing with a trans and nonbinary voice.