Spiracle Audiobooks

Spiracle is a new, British based audiobook enterprise available on web and mobile app. Established in 2022, our core mission is to publish and distribute unique, independently published books as audiobooks.

Our wider mission is to bridge the growing gap between book lovers and high-quality literature in the audiobook form by offering a comprehensive, expertly curated selection of literary audiobooks from small and large literary publishers.

We also commission, produce and compile extra material – articles, podcasts and events – through the Murmurations portal on the Spiracle site, expanding our reach and the world of and connections to the audiobooks available.

Helen Boaden, former Head of Radio at the BBC, is “completely addicted to audiobooks” and was an early subscriber to Spiracle. “I was keen to see an independent British company succeed in giving a voice to independent contemporary writers and some slightly offbeat classics. And I wasn’t disappointed. The quality of the audiobooks is exceptional and I think the deal is a bargain – it has exposed me to readings I wouldn’t have seen on Audible or elsewhere. I’ve been really impressed by the service”. (Extract from the Guardian.)

Publisher address:

392 Caledonian Road
N1 1DN

Email: spiraclehq@spiracleaudiobooks.com
Website: https://www.spiracleaudiobooks.com/