James Clammer

Read by Lee Ross

Spiracle Audiobooks & Galley Beggar Press


Extent: 4:53:00

Audiobook ISBN: SPI-E-GAL-00002

RRP: £12

Publication date: 1 October 2022


This audiobook is published with Galley Beggar Press

James Clammer’s Insignificance, read by Lee Ross, takes place on a hot summer’s day. Joseph Forbes has returned to work as a plumber having had a nervous breakdown. He is worried about the job, he is worried about the jet stream, he is worried about his wife, he is worried about his son. As he drains pipes, makes tea and puts plasters on his fingers – the devastating events of the past seven years are revealed to us. Joseph’s life – apparently ordinary, banal, insignificant – shows us what is really most significant for us all. James Clammer’s utterly engrossing, funny, poignant novel transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Lee Ross’s reading adds alchemy to alchemy, drawing out the humour and humanity, conjuring characters and worlds.

Cover: Olga Prader