Location: London

Published by SRL Publishing

Publicity contact: admin@srlpublishing.co.uk

Rucha Dixit

As a child, Rucha Dixit loved exploring nature and wildlife whether in her garden in India or during her summer holidays at her grandmother’s home in a small town in central India. She realised her love for writing as a teen. After arriving in the UK in her early twenties, thirteen years in the software industry and having both her children, she finally dived straight in to write fiction and poetry for children. Since then, she has been published in American anthologies for children.

The Elephant Heist is her debut middle-grade historical fiction novel that converges her passion for writing and her experiences in India. Rucha received an honorary mention at the SCBWI BAME Scholarship Awards in 2019.

Rucha lives with her husband and two children in Surrey.