Lynne Hudson

Beachy Books



ISBN: 9781999728335


Publication date: 1 October 2020

Rights: World



‘Rose knows there’s something in her nose, something that shouldn’t be there, but can she get her parents to believe her? No she can’t! Even when the Thingamanose drops (drips?) out, they won’t listen, and the slimy little alien is able to hitch a lift to school and then to join the year four school trip to a local pepper mill, there to cause chaos. The story might leave some adults feeling green, but certain kids will love it. There are black and white cartoon illustrations on every page and the rhyming text bounces along at speed.’ — LoveReading4Kids

There’s a Thingamanose stuck up Rose’s nose but nobody believes her — especially Dad! He thinks he ‘nose’ best! A comically illustrated, rhyming children’s book for those with a nose for mischief. Contains slime!

A story about a thing-up-a-nose and how sometimes it’s very annoying when adults don’t believe you.

Part picture book, part comic, part chapter book, in a handy size for reading alone, for reading at bedtime, or reading by a teacher.

A rhyming, illustrated comic-style, funny story for children. Ideal for ages 5 to 7.

Rose’s life is snot-very-fun after she wakes up to find her nose blocked with a Thingamanose stuck up there. But, however she moans, nobody believes her, especially her parents. After the Thingamanose escapes on a school trip to a pepper factory (to have a ‘nose’ around!) it causes havoc.

Can Rose find a way of capturing it and convincing her parents she is telling the truth? That there is such thing as a THINGAMANOSE!

Lynne Hudson

Lynne Hudson is a published author/illustrator and trained at Bath Academy of Art in Ceramics, England, and then The College of Cartoon Art, England, mentored under the late Dave Fellows who inspired her to illustrate children’s books.

She has a fast-moving, comic-book style with an expressive sense of character and is a keen writer of rhyming stories.

Her biggest writing inspiration has been Dr Seuss, and she admires the illustrations of Dick Bruna and Tony Ross. Sniff, her first children’s picture book, was published by Hogsback.

Lynne gets most of her ideas by observing the Great British public. She is often found pulling silly faces in the mirror, trying to find the right facial expression for her characters.

Her ambition is to someday create a really iconic cartoon character. Thingamanose, a highly illustrated cartoon-style chapter book staring the eponymous ‘Thingamanose’ for children, published by Beachy Books in 2020, could well be it!

That’s My Cat!, her children’s colour picture book, is Lynne’s latest, published by Beachy Books in 2021.

 Author portrait © Lynne Hudson