The Coming

Andrej Nikolaidis

Translated by Will Firth

Istros Books



ISBN: 9781908236036


Publication date: 8 March 2012



In a small town on the Adriatic coast, a local detective is content to sacrifice truth for the sake of telling his clients the stories they want to hear. The Comingreads at first like a traditional detective novel, then suddenly changes form with the advent of snow in mid-summer. When the town library burns down under mysterious circumstances, the detective’s long-lost son begins to get involved in the investigations from afar. He takes the reader on excursions into history and recounts the life of Fra Dolcino, a medieval heretic who announced the return of the Messiah and Sabbatai Zevi, a Renaissance cabalist who maintained that he himself was the Messiah. Somehow the answers may lie in the missing manuscript, ‘The Book of The Coming’, but the unsolved mysteries of both past and present, as well as the ever encroaching environmental anomalies, seem to be leading to an apocalypse…

“The Coming is an explosive mixture on three levels: a hard-boiled investigation, the story of an impending global catastrophe, and the description of daily life in a small Balkan city. Imagine Dashiell Hammett meeting Umberto Eco, and both of them meeting Orhan Pamuk! If there is justice in the world, Nikolaidis’ novel should become a bestseller bigger than the novels of James Patterson or John Grisham. And since there is no justice in the world, let us hope that a divine caprice will nonetheless make this insanely readable page-turner a mega success.”Slavoj Žižek

Andrej Nikolaidis is a contemporary writer from one of Europe’s newest and smallest states: Montenegro. He is also a polemical journalist whose writing is fundamental to the process of democratic dialogue in the region. He has written three novels and was awarded the European Prize for Literature 2011.