Silas Morlock

Mark Cantrell

Lucy Lindsell (Cover Design)

Inspired Quill



ISBN: 9781908600141


Publication date: 25 November 2013

Rights: World



“Humanity built its monolithic spires of hopes and dreams and tried to believe that the whole sordid mess actually meant something.”

Terapolis is an urban sprawl of global proportions. The vast city state has smothered whole nations, liberated humanity from the tides of history; the place is ripe with secrets…

Here, billions of people live only to give themselves to The Gestalt. An esoteric technology, said to unlock the secrets of creation, it offers humanity the chance to realise its most-cherished and forbidden desires.

For Silas Morlock, enigmatic Master of MorTek, The Gestalt is his greatest achievement, but little time remains to fulfil his purpose and save Mankind from itself; death gathers, an ancient struggle between good and evil nears its peak.

On the other side, the Incunabula; bibliophiles who refuse to stop peddling the items most poisonous to the hold The Gestalt has on human minds.

And then there’s Adam, the misfit dreamer pulled into a conflict beyond his understanding. His own desire will take him on a terrifying journey into the heart of darkness. Poor Adam, he will learn the secrets of Terapolis; if they don’t shatter his mind, he’ll become the unlikely saviour for good… or ill.

It’s a struggle played out in the shadows, where the lines are blurred, and nothing is quite as it seems. For the lost souls embroiled, the stakes are the very highest.

But secrets are for keeping, in the dark places…

Mark Cantrell

My journey into the world of words took me through Liverpool University – to study political theory – and then on to the City University, London, where I undertook post-graduate training as a journalist. After graduating, it was a few years before I landed my first media job. My own silly fault, I suppose; I kind of distracted myself writing what was to become Citizen Zero.

That’s the thing about my writing; I seem to have a reputation for the dystopian. Maybe I’ve earned it, but there’s more to my work. I cover a lot of ground. Fiction, yes, but articles and essays, too, on a whole range of topics.

A quick glance at my author blog will show I like to get around, but I guess there are recurring themes. We’ve all got them. I like to write about what interests me, and sometimes I don’t know what that is until it catches my eye. Much the same might be said for my fiction. Over the years, I’ve come to be seen as a science fiction author. I’m okay with this, but I tend to write to the story first, genre second if at all.