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Mark Cantrell

My journey into the world of words took me through Liverpool University – to study political theory – and then on to the City University, London, where I undertook post-graduate training as a journalist. After graduating, it was a few years before I landed my first media job. My own silly fault, I suppose; I kind of distracted myself writing what was to become Citizen Zero.

That’s the thing about my writing; I seem to have a reputation for the dystopian. Maybe I’ve earned it, but there’s more to my work. I cover a lot of ground. Fiction, yes, but articles and essays, too, on a whole range of topics.

A quick glance at my author blog will show I like to get around, but I guess there are recurring themes. We’ve all got them. I like to write about what interests me, and sometimes I don’t know what that is until it catches my eye. Much the same might be said for my fiction. Over the years, I’ve come to be seen as a science fiction author. I’m okay with this, but I tend to write to the story first, genre second if at all.