Shattered Echo (Echo Branson Investigation #1)

Alex Westmore

Deranged Doctor Design (Cover Design)

Inspired Quill



ISBN: 9781908600790


Publication date: 21 December 2018

Rights: World



For fourteen years, she lived as an unwanted Jane Doe.

But when her empathic powers suddenly and violently kick in, she becomes a supernatural empath who is as much a risk to herself as to others. Fleeing both her old name and the new nightmare her life has become, Echo Branson seeks a mentor deep in the Louisiana Bayou who can help her control her newfound abilities.

Re-emerging four years later into a world where she must hide her supernatural talents, Echo begins a career as an investigative reporter and immerses herself in a story that will rock the city of San Francisco. Fearing persecution—and worse— because of her paranormal abilities, she quickly learns to keep everyone at arm’s length. She must protect, at all costs, her true self and the family she has come to love.

Can someone so different find safety and friends, let alone love, in a society that denies her very existence?

Alex Westmore

Linda Kay Silva (aka Alex Westmore) is a 5 time award-winning author of 35+ novels in 6+ series. She’s a professor at a military university where she teaches American, World, and British Literature.

When not writing, Alex is traveling around the world living a wild life being an adventurer and a collector of stories.
Alex is a series writers and her series include time travel, supernatural, police adventure, post-apocalypse, demon hunting, and historical romance.