Before The Echo (Echo Branson Investigation Prequel)

Alex Westmore

Designs EE (Cover Design)

Inspired Quill



ISBN: 9781908600998


Publication date: 29 August 2020

Rights: World



The supernatural world has ruptured. On the horizon looms a battle from which there is no return.

A powerful band of deadly supernaturals has united, ready to reveal their existence to the natural world, and prepare to take their place at the head of humanity.

By force.

It will mean immediate and swift destruction of every society across the world.

All that stands in their way is a small cadre of supernaturals from the Louisiana Bayou who have yet to be fully trained.

To successfully make their stand, the novice supers will need to call on other paranormal beings who live in and around Savannah; allies from the darkest corners of the paranormal world.

As lives are lost and the balance of power starts to tip, the young paranormals and their supernatural counterparts must dig in for a war that could change everything.
When supers turn against supers, only the powerful will survive.

Alex Westmore

Linda Kay Silva (aka Alex Westmore) is a 5 time award-winning author of 35+ novels in 6+ series. She’s a professor at a military university where she teaches American, World, and British Literature.

When not writing, Alex is traveling around the world living a wild life being an adventurer and a collector of stories.
Alex is a series writers and her series include time travel, supernatural, police adventure, post-apocalypse, demon hunting, and historical romance.