Green Monsters

Nicky Shearsby

SRL Publishing



ISBN: 9781915073068


Publication date: 29 November 2022

Rights: WorldAudioTranslation



Stacey Adams did not set out with the intention of hating her sister. In fact, she was convinced, at some point, she must have loved her once. Over the years however, Emma took that love, twisting it into something bitter until Stacey felt she had no choice but to act on her impulsive instincts. Emma and Jason Cole were rich, their lives nothing at all like the shit storm Stacey’s nonsensical existence had recently become. Stacey merely wanted what she felt she deserved. What she believed she was truly destined to experience. Yes, she may well have been slightly envious of her sister’s incredible life, but it couldn’t be helped. Emma had, after all, brought it all on herself. She simply should have shared some of her good fortune with her poor begrudged sister.

After seemingly finding it easy to steal her sister’s husband, Stacey’s life appeared complete. All she needed now was her sister gone, out of the way, out of their lives, forever. Freeing the man she believed had been drawn into her sister’s twisted control, for too long. Stacey only wanted to be happy. There was nothing wrong with that. Jason was destined to become her happiness. He was her one true love. She would save him and save herself in the process.

However, when Jason chooses his wife over his newly found lover, Stacey’s world is turned upside down. She believes that her sister simply has her claws too deeply into her man. He doesn’t really want her. He is simply behaving the perfect, doting husband.

Green Monsters tells the tale of a sister’s jealousy for a life that was not her own. She only wanted to be happy, of course. And Jason would become her happiness, no matter what it costs them all…

Little does Stacey know what her  actions are about to uncover.

Nicky Shearsby

Born in England, breaking into serious novel writing wasn’t something Nicky began in earnest until taking early retirement. She spent two decades running businesses in graphic design, magazine publication and web development before setting up an organic vegan skincare manufacturing company. She has written several non-fiction books including training courses on nutrition, skincare, self-help coaching and business mentoring, and is trained in psychology, life coaching, counselling and nutrition.

Nicky’s serious passion is for fiction writing. For as long as she can remember, she has been fascinated by the human mind. Our emotions, how we think, those nonsensical things we do, the struggles life too often throws our way. Because of this, her writing reflects the questions she feels are not asked often enough. Nicky’s writing pushes boundaries, challenging reader perspective by tackling complex issues through powerful characterization.

Nicky’s work asks serious questions that promote deeper and more profound thinking. Her aim is simple; to open up emotional and inspirational thinking that guides others within their own lives, helping them to see things differently. We all struggle, and escaping into fiction is the perfect way to unburden a busy mind, whilst hopefully learning valuable life lessons along the way.