Echo Returns (Echo Branson Investigation #2)

Alex Westmore

Deranged Doctor Design (Cover Design)

Inspired Quill



ISBN: 9781908600875


Publication date: 29 September 2021

Rights: World



Echo’s beloved bayou has been swept away, and with the destruction rises a dark force more powerful than any hurricane.

When she and her best friend Danica arrive to help the survivors, they discover that the flood is the least of their worries; something sinister threatens Echo’s cherished matriarch, her family, and the very fabric of her life.

It will take every supernatural power at her disposal to defend and protect her home and her people, but in doing so, Echo must relinquish the one thing she has held onto tightly since childhood: the truth about who and what she is.

Echo and her supernatural family discover the truth behind the darkness… and the battle is on.

Alex Westmore

Linda Kay Silva (aka Alex Westmore) is a 5 time award-winning author of 35+ novels in 6+ series. She’s a professor at a military university where she teaches American, World, and British Literature.

When not writing, Alex is traveling around the world living a wild life being an adventurer and a collector of stories.
Alex is a series writers and her series include time travel, supernatural, police adventure, post-apocalypse, demon hunting, and historical romance.