Dead Relatives

Lucie McKnight Hardy

Dead Ink



ISBN: 9781911585824


Publication date: 10 January 2021



Praise for Lucie McKnight Hardy:

“A coming of age story where the threat of violence shimmers like a heat haze.”

– Andrew Michael Hurley, The Loney

“Something strong, vivid and disquieting grows tall from Folk Horror soil in this novel.”

– Aliya Whiteley, The Arrival of Missives


Iris has never left the big house in the country she shares with Mammy and the servants. When The Ladies arrive, she finds that she must appease her dead relatives. Other stories in this collection explore themes of motherhood and the fragile body, family dynamics and small town tensions, unusual traditions and metamorphosis.

Dead Relatives and Other Stories is the highly anticipated, no-holds-barred short story collection from Lucie McKnight Hardy, and readers can expect more of the suspense and trepidation evident in her debut novel, Water Shall Refuse Them.

Not for the faint-hearted, Dead Relatives invites you behind closed doors, and will leave you wondering if it’s better that they’re kept shut and firmly locked.

Lucie McKnight Hardy

Lucie McKnight Hardy grew up speaking Welsh and her education was through the medium of Welsh. She studied English at the University of Liverpool and stayed on to work for an advertising agency there after graduating. She studied journalism in Cardiff, and then worked for a not-for-profit organisation as public relations and corporate policy officer, before moving to Zurich where she worked, for four years, in marketing. After moving back to the UK, she worked as a freelancer before taking a break from work to have a family and studied creative writing with the Open University and then completed the MA in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University.