All Quiet in Peking (Book 1): Under Turbulent Skies

Liu Heping

Translated by Teng Jimeng

Sinoist Books



ISBN: 9781910760857


Publication date: 28 October 2022



Three years after the devastating Pacific War, tensions run thick across China. Inside Peking, groups once aligned against external forces now bicker among themselves. Streets churn as Communists and Nationalists jostle for position, threatening to unravel a delicate peace. A decade of struggle has taxed the citizenry to their limits, their daily struggles exacerbated by an overstretched and corrupt government. Into this world steps Feng Meng’ao, a hotshot young fighter pilot for the Kuomintang Air Force. He reorganises his flying brigade into a relief unit for those in need, trying to stem the breakdown of order. When an important mission sends him to the old northern capital, his presence draws unwanted attention and he is swept up in accusations meant for his father. Will his drive to help those in need be enough to weather this political firestorm? Or is he due for an untimely crash?