All Quiet in Peking (Book 3): Final Curtain Call

Liu Heping

Translated by Christopher Payne

Sinoist Books



ISBN: 9781838905477


Publication date: 25 August 2023



The crisis in Peking reaches its endgame as the Communists encircle the city. The future looks uncertain for all sides. Inflation is rampant, food is scarce. The battered Nationalist forces find themselves in a never-ending fight for resources, with corruption claiming what little is left. With Cui Zongshi dead, anything can happen. The old capital’s few remaining brave souls do what they can to stem the chaos. Liang Jinglun and Fang Buting at the Central Bank resort to the last vestiges of their power to prop up a crumbling economy, while Fang Meng’ao has been tasked with securing transportation of important cargo to Tianjin. As Meng’ao and his devoted pilots take to the skies once again, they fly over the future leaders of China on the march. Plans must be made as the fighting draws to a close. Where will everyone land? And at what cost?