After the Finale

Zhou Daxin

Translated by Wu Jiamei

Sinoist Books



ISBN: 9781910760833


Publication date: 28 September 2019



At the age of 66, Ouyang Wantong, the former governor of Qinghe province, was too young to die. He touched the lives of so many people during his time on Earth. Some of them loved him intimately, while many more held him in the highest esteem. But there were also those who hated him and wished him dead. And now the battle to find his rightful place in the history books has begun… After the Finale is a fictional biography of an extraordinary man who grew up in poverty in China’s Mao-era and then rose through the ranks of government during the country’s period of reform and opening up. It’s a tale of love, leadership, betrayal, corruption, lust, greed and the nature of power amid the rise of the 21st century’s new superpower.