Fields of Joy

Zhou Daxin

Translated by Justin Herbert and Zhou Dan

Sinoist Books



ISBN: 9781910760949


Publication date: 20 November 2020



“Ning, my dear son, I wasn’t ready to say goodbye, but who expects
to be struck down in their prime? I should have known that day on the
basketball court would be the start of our trials, how the frantic dash between hospitals, from one cancer ward to the next treatment, would consume our lives.”
“Dad, don’t be sad. Perhaps it’s the different times we grew
up in, but isn’t it inevitable? The earthy fields of your youth have turned
into the concrete jungles of today. This journey has changed history, politics – even families. Why should dealing with loss be any different?” “Son, I agree with you, but no matter how things change,
there is a central rule to the universe: the elders leave
first; the youngsters leave later. I could have never imagined that the first death I experienced would be yours…”