1566 Series (Book 2): The Imperial Governor

Liu Heping

Translated by Wen Huang

Sinoist Books



ISBN: 9781910760611


Publication date: 21 February 2021



Greed and mismanagement have almost toppled the Ming empire. Raiders from beyond the Great Wall have set the north ablaze. Along the southern coast, Japanese pirates are severing heads. Hu Zongxian, the honourable governor of Zhejiang Province, is leading the charge of China’s heroes as they meet the invaders head-on. In the capital, it is down to a humble magistrate named Hai Rui to restore justice. Peril unknown and opponents even more deadly than the ruthless Yan clan await him. If he discovers blood on divine hands, he will find himself on a collision course with the chief eunuch, Lu Fang, whose loyalty to the Taoist Emperor is matched only by Hai’s loyalty to the common people. Criminals walk the halls in silk robes. Hidden eyes are everywhere. Will the path of righteousness prevail, or shall the corrupt go unpunished? The fate of all under heaven hangs in the balance.