Location: Oxford, UK

Published by SRL Publishing

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Sue Clark

In a varied writing career, Sue Clark has penned BBC Radio and TV comedy scripts for the likes of David Jason, Lenny Henry, and Tracey Ullman, as well as contributing to newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and guidebooks, as a journalist, copywriter, PR, and editor.

But she had never done what she had always longed to do: write comic fiction.

That is, until she was able to give up the old nine-to-five, take a creative writing course with Oxford University, join a writing group and – at last! – unshackle her imagination and let her love for comedy roam free.

The result, her debut comic novel, Note to Boy, (‘She wants her celebrity life back. He just wants a life.’) was published in 2020, gaining a Pencraft award. Her second, A Novel Solution, is published through SRL.

Sue Clark believes no story, no matter how tragic, isn’t enhanced by an injection of comedy. And likewise, no story, no matter how comic, isn’t enriched by an injection of pathos. Her aim: to give the reader that winning combination of laughter, laced with a few tears, heart, and humour.

Sue lives with her forbearing husband, her grown-up children, and grand-daughter near – but not too near, in the sort of apparently sleepy Oxfordshire market town that inspires deadly dramas like Midsomer Murders.