Location: Ireland

Published by Arachne Press

Publicity contact: outreach@arachnepress.com

Roppotucha Greeberg

Roppotucha Greenberg is the author of Getting by in Tligolian a Novella in Flash published by Arachne Press November 2023 She speaks three languages fluently and has tried to learn six more. Roppotucha has lived in Russia, Israel and now Ireland. Arachne Press has published Roppotucha’s stories in Solstice Shorts Festival anthologies Noon, and Time and Tide. She has previously published a flash and micro-fiction collection Zglevians on the Move (TwistiT Press, 2019) and three silly-but-wise doodle books for humans, Creatures Give Advice (2019) , Creatures Give Advice Again and it’s warmer now (2019) and Creatures Set Forth (2020) and Cooking with Humans (2022)