Location: Essex

Katy Wimhurst

Katy Wimhurst is a writer and visual poet. She engages in the creation of short fiction with a focus on magical realism, dystopia, and surrealism, crafting off-kilter worlds that shed light on our own reality. Wimhurst’s narratives, while dark, possess a quirky quality, infused with humor and hope. Her debut collection, “Snapshots of the Apocalypse,” is available from Fly on the Wall Press. In addition to her fiction, Wimhurst occasionally delves into non-fiction, blogging, and conducting interviews with fellow writers. Her fiction has found a home in numerous magazines and anthologies, including The Guardian, Cafe Irreal, Shooterlit, Ouen Press, Blackpear Press, To Hull and Back, Fabula Press, Writers’ Forum, and Bust Down the Doors and Eat All the Chickens.