Location: London

Published by Dead Ink

Publicity contact: nate@deadinkbooks.com

Gary Budden

Gary Budden is a writer, editor and the co-founder of award-winning independent publisher, Influx Press. He is the author of London Incognita (Dead Ink, 2020), Hollow Shores (Dead Ink, 2017), the Shirley Jackson Award-Shortlisted Judderman (Eden Book Society, 2018), and These Towers Will One Day Slip Into the Sea (2021) and The White Heron Beneath the Reactor w/ artist Maxim Griffin (2019). His writing has appeared in numerous magazines and journals including Ambit, Nightscript, Gorse, The Quietus, Structo, Minor Literature(s), Confingo, Uncertainties, The Lonely Crowd and many more.