Location: Manchester

Also published by Arachne Press

Publicity contact: outreach@arachnepress.com

David Hartley

David Hartley is a writer of weird short stories designed to sit in the space between your brain and your skull. He holds a PhD in Creative Writing from The University of Manchester where he researched narratives of neurodiversity and wrote a novel about autism and ghosts.He is the author of four books: Threshold (Gumbo Press), Spiderseed (Sleepy House Press), Incorcisms (Arachne Press), and Pigskin, a standalone single-story chapbook which was published as part of Fly on the Wall’s political Shorts Season. He lives in Manchester with one human, two rabbits, and an endlessly shifting number of guinea pigs. #AdoptDontShop Twitter: @DHartleyWriterInstagram: DHartleyWriterWebsite: davidhartleywriter.com