Unthinkable: A Queer Gothic Anthology

Celine Frohn

Illustrated by Hankins, Ashley

Haunt Publishing



ISBN: 9781915691026


Publication date: 27 October 2022

Rights: World



Unthinkable: A Queer Gothic Anthology collects eighteen original Gothic tales primed to unsettle and entertain.

From a Southern Gothic tale of destruction and revenge, to haunted houses and cursed lovers, to an eco-Gothic saga, Unthinkable’s tales present undying themes of love and tragedy, life and death, all suffused with queerness.

Following on from the success of its predecessor Unspeakable: A Queer Gothic Anthology, Unthinkable features stories from a fresh batch of authors, showcasing the depth and breadth of queer Gothic literature.

Edited by Celine Frohn and featuring an introduction by S.T. Gibson, Unthinkable promises to haunt the reader long after the final page has been turned.

Celine Frohn

Celine Frohn is a publisher, editor, and PhD researcher with a passion for Gothic and LGBTQ+ literature. The Unspeakable and Unthinkable anthologies combine both her academic work on the nineteenth-century Gothic, as well as her love for contemporary speculative fiction. Celine runs Nyx Publishing, which has published queer SFF including S.T. Gibson’s A Dowry of Blood and Holly J. Underhill’s The Bone Way.