Travel Takeaways: Around the World in Forty Tales

Julie Watson

Beachy Books



ISBN: 9781913894085


Publication date: 3 April 2023

Rights: World



Forty fascinating tales of diverse travel experiences told with personable grace, in engaging style… Whether recounting jungle adventures while teaching in Brunei, or sharing memories of witnessing the magic of nature in Costa Rica, the author’s voice rings with authenticity as she evokes places, people and atmosphere in exhilarating detail…’ — Joanne Owen, Editorial Expert at LoveReading

These personal stories collected from a lifetime of travel will transport the reader from country to country across the world in an immersive reading experience.

Spanning many countries and many years, each tale is brought back to life in a careful reconstruction of time, place and personal encounter using the fragments of memory that we all take away from our most treasured travel experiences.

Flavour of writing inside:

‘I set off towards the railway station to find a train to take me northwards to the capital but turning a corner, I come to an abrupt standstill. A large military tank is occupying the middle of the road, with the barrel of its gun pointing straight at me. There is no sign of anyone inside the vehicle although I strongly sense that I am being watched. Uncertain what to do, and slightly fearful that the tank turret and gun will swivel to follow me, I decide to continue walking, clutching my small suitcase defensively at my side.’

Julie Watson

Julie Watson is a retired university teacher and Fellow Emeritus, who now lives on the Isle of Wight. She is the author of two books. The most recent is Travel Takeaways, a collection of stories from her travels around the world. When not writing she spends her time kayaking on the western Yar, wildlife watching and teaching refugees. She lives with a feline companion called Marmite.

 Author portrait © Julie Watson