The Whisper of Dreams

Ben Hennessy

Jeremy Hanna (Cover Design)

Inspired Quill



ISBN: 9781908600363


Publication date: 14 August 2014

Rights: World



Hundreds are dead at the hands of The Four.

Three months after the events of Leithar Grove, Tamir is a kingdom in fear. The people no longer trust Prince Remelas; his military ambitions are now public knowledge. So the Sons of Tamir, a nationalistic faction created within this atmosphere of betrayal, march on the capital to seek Remelas’ abdication.

And still the rumours persist of a young girl who walked away, unharmed, from Leithar Grove that night. Crazed seers and prophets continue to preach of the Queen of the World. Sarene, accompanied by the huge woodsman Kanderil, journeys ever onwards in hope of finding shelter from the coming winter. Her family left behind, her brother dead, she finds herself increasingly isolated from a world becoming steadily more perilous.

Sarene refuses to believe what these nameless strangers say about her. Yet she must come face to face with the truth of what she is. What she represents.

And that truth will come at the highest cost.

Ben Hennessy

Ben Hennessy is from Essex, England (although he now lives in Cambridge). Brought up on a literary diet including the likes of Stephen King, David Gemmell, Terry Pratchett and David Eddings, he looks to take all these elements and create a unique style of fiction which blends heroic fantasy and a subtle sense of wry humour. Having spent the last decade working various jobs in locations such as Ireland, New Zealand and Vietnam, he is now hoping to forge a new career as a full-time writer.

When he is not poking his keyboard, Ben enjoys travelling the world, finding new music and crashing parties.