The Mind Hack

Stewart McDowall

SRL Publishing



ISBN: 9781915073310


Publication date: 6 February 2024

Rights: WorldAudioTranslation



To control. To exploit. To kill.

Forensic psychologist turned private detective, McQueen, is drawn into the dark world of psychological manipulation and its deadly consequences.

When he appears on a podcast to discuss the evils of grooming, he attracts the attention of Ian, an internet predator who now sees McQueen as a threat.

A threat that has to be eliminated.

Stewart McDowall

Stewart has written for national magazines, TV, and radio and also spent many nights on stage as a stand-up comedian.

His bitter-sweet debut novel, Waiting To Go On, was based on his experiences in the comedy clubs of Britain.

Stewart’s debut crime novel, The Murder Option, gained 5-star reviews across the board began the McQueen series.

Stewart lives in York.