The Malachite Quest: 2 (The Cursed Weapons Trilogy)

Aerin Apeltun

Illustrated by AC Graphics

SmashBear Publishing



ISBN: 9781915636218


Publication date: 30 March 2024

Rights: World English



A fugitive sister
A captive brother
The quest for Malachite begins

Fear clutched at my heart as I stared at the carnelian bead nestled amongst the berries on
the floor. How had the Coterie assassin found us? I’d skin him alive for this. I glanced at a
pale-faced Rian. I’d failed my husband. I’d vowed to be his shield. Instead, I’d let him down,
maybe fatally.

With two countries teetering on the brink of war, Samphire and Valerian continue their
search for Samphire’s brother, Malachite, and the legendary Fire Opal stolen from Valerian’s

Now aware of the Fire Opal’s possible power and the existence of magic, they forge on with
their friends in a possibly futile attempt to recover what has been stolen before they lose

Samphire and Valerian are only at the start of this dangerous journey, one that will test their
love to the breaking point as heartache beckons and an old friend of Samphire’s returns.
With assassins in pursuit, they must fight to stay alive if they are to succeed in their perilous

Will their magical discoveries aid or hinder them? Will their love be strong enough to conquer
every obstacle? And will they reach Samphire’s brother in time to save him – or is it already
too late?