The End. And Again

Dino Bauk

Translated by Timothy Pogarcar

Istros Books



ISBN: 9781912545285


Publication date: 25 October 2019



The End. And Again is a novel about war, romance and rock ’n’ roll. It takes us back to Ljubljana and the Balkans in late 1980s and early 1990s through the reminiscences of an embittered bureaucrat Peter, a corrupt manager Goran and eternal runaway Mary. After taking a fateful bus ride, Mary once fell in love with Denis, a passionate rock musician, but their love story was tragically cut short when she, a young missionary, was ordered to leave the country for violating the Mormon code, and Denis was cast from his peaceful life in Ljubljana, exiled and sent tumbling into the ravages of the Balkan war.

The main character’s memories of the years when their interests revolved more around their band, music and above all love than around the turbulent political situation that derailed their lives, intersect with those of Denis in the maelstrom of war.

A lack of any meaningful resolution to their story haunts them all and forces them to search for a different end(ing). (And) Again.