The Bounty Writer: How to Earn Six Figures as an Independent Freelance Journalist

Andrew Don

Beachy Books



ISBN: 9781999728366


Publication date: 2 July 2021

Rights: World



‘A Must Read. The Bounty Writer’ is a superb read that inspires and informs. This latest book by Andrew Don is a searingly honest account of the challenges that Andrew has endured and overcome, both on a personal and professional level throughout his life. The book is a treasure trove of expert tips and advice not only for aspiring journalists, but for everyone in general in terms of the critical importance of hard work, focus, determination, tenacity and having a plan in life to ensure success. I happily recommend ‘The Bounty Writer’ as a must-read.’ ― Waterstones customer

Andrew Don’s memoir-style journalism guide, based on 40 successful years as a professional journalist, writer and editor, explains how anybody can achieve their dream and earn six-figures as an independent freelance journalist.

The Bounty Writer tells the story of how the author started out as an independent freelance journalist and includes valuable lessons and practical tips about how to keep the money rolling in.

From the blurb:

Average freelance earnings are £20,000, so I figure I’ve got something to say about how to make big money as a freelance.

I’m no Piers Morgan or Andrew Neil but I’ve had 30 successful years trading as Don’s Hard News and now I am living my dream, two minutes’ walk from the beach in a beautiful rural location.

The Bounty Writer tells the story of how I started out as an independent freelance journalist and includes valuable lessons about how to keep the money rolling in – and you don’t have to be a household name.

I am nothing special. If I can do it, so can you!

Andrew Don

Andrew Don has been a journalist for nearly 40 years – 30 of them operating as an independent. Andrew has written extensively for the national press and business-to-business magazines – print and online – and he has been a news editor, features editor, deputy editor, launch editor and editorial consultant.

The Bounty Writer by Beachy Books is his third book published in 2021.

His first, Fathers Feel Too, a book about miscarriage and stillbirth, was published by SANDS in 2005. Virtuality, a self-published ebook, followed in 2011.

He lives in West Wales with his wife, Liz, a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a DuCorps Cockatoo. He has two adult children. His passions are wildlife, long-distance walking, literature and music.

 Author portrait © Andrew Don