Ted’s Cafe

Roger Sanders

Beachy Books



ISBN: 9781999728359


Publication date: 13 November 2021

Rights: World



‘I read Roger Sander’s book earlier this year. It’s warm, funny and well-observed.’ — Jonathan Coe, Costa Award-winning author of Middle England

‘Post-Brexit-referendum Britain, male friendship, and later-life romance – this highly readable debut explores sweeping personal and political change.’– Joanne Owen, Editorial Expert at LoveReading

David Tanner, ex-journalist born at the rag-end of the baby boomer years, and mates, Alan, Eric and Charlie, dissect the news at Ted’s Cafe.

Ted’s Cafe is the only place left open the men visited in their youth; a cafe founded by a Greek Cypriot and his son, who fled post-referendum, and now run by Jasiek and Danka, a Polish couple not sure of their future in a polarised Britain.

David’s journal follows post-work life with more upheavals and surprises than he expected. He records the special relationship he has with his friends. They talk about the past, are bewildered by the present and unsure of the future in unprecedented times of change and upheaval.

Can David find love again in his strained marriage, learn to be happy in retirement and make sense of an uncertain post-Brexit future with coronavirus on the horizon?

A contemporary political novel about politics, the state of the world, friendship, retirement and romance.

Roger Sanders

Roger Sanders was born and has lived on the Isle of Wight (England) all his life. He is married with two sons and four granddaughters. Roger owned a sports shop and online store for over twenty-five years, before his retirement in 2016.

Roger’s interests include current affairs, local, social and family history, walking, reading and listening to a wide range of music. He is a life-long fan of Southampton Football Club.

Ted’s Cafe published by Beachy Books in 2021 is his debut novel.

 Author portrait © Roger Sanders