Special Needs

Lada Vukić

Translated by Christina Pribicevich

Istros Books



ISBN: 9781912545919


Publication date: 6 September 2021



Ten-year-old Emil lives with his mother in a rented flat in an unnamed city.

Although she works hard, as a single mother she can barely making ends meet. Emil has a condition affecting the growth of his legs and his mother is desperately trying to give him all the love and acceptance he needs. Emil also displays selective mutism: he boy talks to some people normally while with others is fully or partially mute. His uncle Jakov thinks that everything to do with Emil is about intimacy and trust and searches for a way to get close to him.

The drama of this special boy is based precisely on the relationship that each character has towards Emil’s special needs – and those relationships are polarizing and motivated by varying social, psychological, religious and personal beliefs.