Evan Baldock

SRL Publishing



ISBN: 9781838279820


Publication date: 19 October 2021

Rights: WorldAudioTranslation



Working for an aid agency during her gap year in Somalia, Louise Kenton meets Haasim, who unbeknown to her, is a member of a proscribed terrorist group. Wanting to keep the man in her life happy, Louise is persuaded to attend the group’s ‘meetings’ where, over several months, she is indoctrinated with their warped ideals.

When an injury forces an early return to the UK, Louise is already fully brainwashed and willingly becomes a ‘Sleeper Agent’ for the group. Assigned a ‘handler,’ Louise is tasked with her first action.

After meeting, and falling in love with a member of parliament, Louise is tasked with further vile, vicious, and evil actions against the fabric of the country that raised her.

After carrying out a staggeringly brutal act, Louise finally breaks through the fog of indoctrination and brainwashing and her mind clears. The stark realisation of what she had become crushes down on her like a ton weight.

Returned to her true self, Louise fights back against the groups wishes and refuses to carry out any more of their evil deeds. Louise’s husband has access to Number 10 Downing Street, and her refusal to comply is met with threats to her children.

As the pressure builds, will Louise buckle and agree to one last act, going against everything she believes in? Or will she stay strong and true to herself, despite the dangers involved?

Evan Baldock

Evan was born in Pembury, Kent in 1956 and attended grammar school in Tunbridge Wells.

He left the Metropolitan Police after 30 years service in 2011, serving as one of the country’s first Football Intelligence Officers until 1996, then transferring to West End Central, where for 15 years he worked in Soho.

For several years Evan helped run the Soho Unit, specialising in combating drug dealing in the West End. During his career he frequently ran test purchase and buy-bust operations against drug dealers, resulting in the seizure of large amounts of drugs, and the successful prosecution of over 200 dealers, many of whom received lengthy prison sentences.

After retiring from the Metropolitan police in July 2011, Evan opened ‘Sweet Expectations’ in Rochester, Kent, the UK’s first vegetarian sweet shop.

In 2016 he sold the shop business and retired, before taking up writing in January 2019.