Seven Degrees

Lewis Hastings

Hobeck Books



ISBN: 9781913793166


Publication date: 8 December 2021

Rights: World



Damaged, but not defeated, Europe’s most-wanted, the Jackdaw has his sights on humbling the British government. Jack Cade and his team are all that stand between success and failure, democracy and anarchy, orderly protests and full-bore riots. He must protect the city, protect his people and above all do this all under the cloak of secrecy.

Lewis Hastings

Lewis has extensive international policing experience in borders, air and sea ports, intelligence, and major disaster response ranging from cyclones to earthquakes. Alongside his comprehensive policing experience, Lewis’s ace card is that he is also a professional advisor to authors and TV companies and is a prolific crime author, having traditionally-published five thrillers with his UK publisher Hobeck Books, with the sixth on the way and a seventh (and eighth) already planned. As a writer Lewis understands what makes a good story great, and as a police officer he also knows how to make that great story authentic