Saki’s Plays: The Complete Edition


'The Watched Pot' co-written by Charles Maude

Renard Press


ISBN: 9781913724696


Publication date: 19 April 2022



The undisputed master of the short story, Saki’s name is synonymous with brilliant writing that satirises Edwardian Society, and his plays were no exception. In his only full-length play, ‘The Watched Pot’, Trevor Bavvel, sole heir to a country estate, is in want of a wife, but must operate under the strict attention of his miserly mother Hortensia.

Although wildly neglected today, Saki’s plays met with widespread acclaim in his day, and he was even compared favourably with the great Oscar Wilde. This complete edition of Saki’s plays – the first complete edition ever published – demonstrates the great writer’s prowess as a playwright, and sparkles with the same wit as the short stories that have enchanted generations of readers.