Paper Crusade

Michelle Penn

Arachne Press

B format Paperback


ISBN: 9781913665678


Publication date: 21 June 2022



On a wasted island in perpetual sun, the Father practices magic, laments his lost kingdom and commands a ragtag army of three: the passionate and damaged Daughter, the winged Spirit and an indigenous being known only as C. Behind their uniforms — white suits and full-face paper masks — the soldiers seethe with rebellion. The arrival of the Boy, a hapless prince, and the Brother, the Father’s rival, unleashes desire, betrayal, insanity and revenge — all of it witnessed by an irate sea. Paper Crusade is a bold reinvention of Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest. Michelle Penn’s vivid imagery and startling, sensual language create an unforgettable dystopia for our own time.

Michelle Penn

Michelle Penn is a dual UK/US national. She grew up in the US and lived/worked in France for seven years before moving to London in 2005. Michelle plans innovative poetry/art/music events as part of Corrupted Poetry. Her book-length poem, Paper Crusade, re-imagined The Tempest as a dystopia and was published by Arachne Press in 2022, it is now a stage piece under the title ‘Storm Child’.