More Black People

Kyle Powell

SRL Publishing



ISBN: 9781915073334


Publication date: 20 August 2024

Rights: WorldAudioTranslation



Diving into the dark side of Diversity and Inclusion where activities and initiatives have ulterior motives.

The varied corporate, political and romantic paths of our characters intricately intertwine as they navigate the different challenges of Diversity and Inclusion. Jonathan Archer‘s rise from corporate pawn to revolutionary, with the aid of love interest and guiding light, Jenna Kefore, and Calvin James‘ carefully curated electoral run. Dale and Andy provide not only comedic relief but the important perspective of the often exploited White working class.

Finally, we have the undulating path of company boss, Deborah Tate, as she attempts to come to terms with what it means to be a truly inclusive leader. Each path connected and influenced by another, culminating in unexpected new perspectives of our rapidly changing world.

Kyle Powell

Kyle Powell is a born and raised Londoner, whose passion for writing began at a young age. Kyle enjoys writing about philosophy, love, justice and life from both non-fiction and fiction angles and is keen to write about issues that impact the Black community, particularly from the perspective of the Diaspora.

Kyle’s first novel, Skin Deep Submission explores the challenges of modern interracial dating. While his second book, The Diaspora Dilemma is a non-fiction, social commentary examining the matrix of issues that face the African Diaspora in the West.

Kyle has spent time working as a mentor with secondary school students, before becoming project leader. During his time as a mentor, he worked to help increase leadership qualities, lateral thinking for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. He has also worked in, and led, Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) teams at two large pharmaceutical companies. Kyle’s work in the healthcare D&I space included addressing clinical trial underrepresentation, health equity, increasing psychological safety, and improving knowledge and understanding around racial disparities and experiences.

Kyle has a BSc and MSc in Neuroscience from the University of Bristol and Kings College London. Following his academic years developing his scientific and critical-thinking skill sets, Kyle reconnected with his love of writing as part of his career in the healthcare industry as a communications consultant and subsequently a Commercial Director.

Kyle is a life-long Arsenal fan, loves to listen to music, play football, and travel whenever he is not writing.