Maggie Blue and the White Crow

Anna Goodall

Guppy Books



ISBN: 9781913101824


Publication date: 1 March 2023



The thrilling second book about Maggie Blue and Hoagy, as they try and live a normal life in the real world – but the Dark World won’t let them go, and when a white crow appears they become drawn back into the mystery and terror of a world where Maggie is more important than she knows…

Maggie Blue is adjusting to a quieter life, back living with her aunt Esme and hanging out with friends Ida and Will as well as her beloved Hoagy the cat. She tries to forget about the events of the previous year – but she’s being watched, and one day a small white bird appears. Where has the white crow come from, and why won’t it leave Maggie alone? Little does she know that the Dark World is waiting for her to return… and when Cynthia her mum is kidnapped and taken there, Maggie only has no choice but to go back. With the help of Hoagy and some new friends by her side, Maggie must go back to the place that she never wished to see again, if she’s ever to see her mum – or gain control of her own life – again.

Anna Goodall

After working in publishing, running a small literary magazine, bookselling and very occasional journalism, Anna took a Masters in Scriptwriting at Goldsmiths. But instead of doing what she was meant to do after that (ie, write a film or at least a short film) she decided to write a novel instead. Maggie Blue and the Dark World and Maggie Blue and the White Crow will be followed by the last in the trilogy, Maggie Blue and the Lost Child, in autumn 2024.

Anna lives in London with her family and dog, Winnie.