Lovers’ Lies


Katy Darby, Cherry Potts (editors)

Arachne Press

B format Paperback


ISBN: 9781909208025


Publication date: 31 January 2013



This book is designed expressly for romantic Cynics and cynical Romantics. Be careful who catches you reading it – your intentions might be misinterpreted. Liars’ League teams up with Arachne Press for a second outing bringing the freshness, wit, imagination and passion of their authors to a wider audience.Join us as we wallow in the many facets of relationships. Explore role-play gone wrong, goldfish that eat loneliness, and a very literal leap into the unknown. Old love, cold love, true love, new love, dead love, we’re through love – making babies and making whoopee, disappointment and contentment, playing at home, playing away or just playing; missed chances and new romances: everything from first conversation to last breath, strange journeys and stranger destinations. frpm Alison Willis, Bartle Sawbridge, Bobbie Darbyshire, Catherine Sharpe, Cherry Potts, Clare Sandling, Darren Lee, Jason Jackson, Jessica Lott, Mi L Holliday, Michael McLaughlin, Michelle Shine, Nichol Wilmor, Nathan Good, Peter Higgins, Rebecca Gould, Richard Smyth, Rob Cox, Rosalind Stopps, Tania Hershman, Tom Conoboy