Lost in the Garden

Adam S. Leslie

Dead Ink



ISBN: 9781915368485


Publication date: 16 May 2024

Rights: UK & Ireland



Heather, Rachel and Antonia are going to Almanby. Heather needs to find her boyfriend who, like so many, went and never came back. Rachel has a mysterious package to deliver, and her life depends on it. And Antonia — poor, lovestruck Antonia just wants the chance to spend the day with Heather.

So off they set through the idyllic yet perilous English countryside, in which nature thrives in abundance and summer lasts forever. And as they travel through ever-shifting geography and encounter strange voices in the fizz of shortwave radio, the harder it becomes to tell friend from foe.

Creepy, dreamlike, unsettling and unforgettable – you are about to join the privileged few who come to understand exactly why we don’t go to Almanby.

Adam S. Leslie

Adam grew up in deepest rural Lincolnshire sometime in the 1980s, a child of Bagpuss, distant pylons and big red sunsets. He can now be found roaming the side-streets of Oxford or holed up in the big Blackwell’s bookshop daydreaming of stories and snacks.

As well as an author, Adam is also a screenwriter, a musician and songwriter (under the name Berlin Horse), and produces and co-hosts RetroTube Archive Television Podcast with his best friend Heather.